Ickenham Miniature Railway 

Last updated on
21st March 2020

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers



Train leaving station

The track is built to accommodate trains built to either 5" or 3½" gauge. Locomotives based on standard gauge prototypes are built to a scale of 1/12th full size if built to 5" gauge and 1/16th full size if built to 3½" gauge. Locomotives based on narrow gauge prototypes will be built to a scale suitable to producing a model of either 3½" or 5" gauge.

The majority of locomotives operating on our railway are privately owned by members of the society. Generally they are either live steam locomotives or battery electric locomotives although the railway does see the occasional visit by petrol driven locomotives.

The society does own two 5" gauge battery electric locomotives and  two steam locomotives, one 3½" gauge and the other 5" gauge. All these locomotives were once privately owned by society members but were subsequently donated to or purchased by the society. Neither of the two steam locomotives have run for a number of years; the 3½" locomotive is now rather venerable and is retained as a static model because of its long association with the society, while the 5" gauge locomotive is nearing the end of an extended rebuilding project.

Passenger Trolleys

Passenger Trolleys

The society has a fleet of eleven passenger carrying trolleys built in the 1980s and 1990s.

Eight of the trolleys (Nos. 7 to 14) are of nominal six foot length while the remaining three (Nos. 15 to 17) are of nominal eight foot length.

Often a train will operate with two six foot trolleys coupled together. However the overall length of the train is restricted by the length of the turntable in the station and it is not possible for longer (tender) locomotives to take two six foot trolleys even though they are powerful enough. These locomotives therefore generally haul one of the eight foot trolleys.

Requirements for Locomotives Operating At IDSME

All steam locomotives operating on the railway must have a current boiler test certificate issued by a society that is a member of the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies or by another recognised organisation.

All coal fired steam-driven models must be fitted with an effective spark arrestor or spark deflector.