Ickenham Miniature Railway 

Last updated on
17th February 2022

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers

A Brief Description of The Ickenham Miniature Railway

The Ickenham Miniature Railway is a 3½" and 5" Gauge Ground Level Railway, located at the headquarters of the Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers in the centre of Ickenham.

The track is dual gauge (3½" and 5") in order to accommodate models  built to different scales.

As you enter the site you will immediately see Ickenham St. Giles Station, the main passenger terminus of the railway. This consists of one arrival platform and two departure platforms. Incoming trains unload their passengers at the arrival platform before proceeding onto the turntable where the whole train is turned and sent to one of the departure platforms ready for the next load of passengers.

On the right as you enter is the booking office where tickets may be purchased before proceeding to the departure platforms to board a train.

On leaving the station trains proceed down towards the signal box, where they often have to wait before joining the Main Line.

The Main Line consists of two circuits which share a common section past the signal box (making this a very busy section indeed. There is also a loop line which gives access to the steaming bay, where locomotives are prepared for use.

Our train will normally run round the outer circuit first and then after passing the signal box for the second time it will travel round the inner circuit through the long tunnel and then back around the outer circuit as far as the junction for the station line. The junction here is controlled by a smaller signal box and the signal man here will send our train back towards the station where we arrive once again in the arrival platform.

IDSME 2022 Track Plan