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Last updated on
21st March 2020

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers

IDSME Workshop


The IDSME Workshop is housed in a separate building at the rear of our site. Built between 1989 and 1991 it boasts a fine selection of machine tools.

The workshop is available for use by members of the society, often for projects which are just slightly too large for their own home workshops. For safety reasons committee approval is required before you can use the machine tools unsupervised.  Having said that, there is nothing to stop you using these tools if supervised by someone else who has been approved by the committee. In any case there should always be at least two people on site before any machine tools are used.

Machine Tools
Machine 2

The society has been fortunate in having several large machine tools donated and the workshop has undergone a number of reorganisations over the years in order to squeeze in yet another machine.