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04 May 2017

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Layouts - Hayning Island

A representation of a nuclear-powered Hayling Island Branch in EM by Tom Haynes

For decades, the real Hayling Island Branch carried holiday-makers and day-trippers from the mainline at Havant to South Hayling. The weak bridge at Langston Harbour meant that the line was handled exclusively by light weight A1X ‘Terriers’, with an intensive services operating on a summer Saturday. By the winter of 1962, the locomotives and wooden bridge at Langston needed replacing and despite turning a profit, the decision was taken to close the line and the last train ran on 2nd November 1963.

The layout here is loosely based on the on on Hayning Island. This would provide the justification to keep the line open as rail access would be required for a small nuclear flask terminal.

Operation takes us from a summer Saturday in 1960, through a period when larger tank locomotives were allowed on the branch and then into the late 1960s, when diesels, DEMUs and flask traffic reigned supreme. Rolling stock is mostly converted and weathered ready-to-run rolling stock. Track work consists of flexitrack, with points being hand built by soldering rails to copper-clad sleepers. The layout features a scratch built coaling stage and working signals.



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